PS4 Set Maker turns console camera into DIY TV show

Chris Burns - Jun 12, 2014
PS4 Set Maker turns console camera into DIY TV show

After the PlayStation 4’s camera saw heavy usage with networks like Twitch for gaming broadcasts near the end of last year, Sony appears to have seen the light. The next update for Playroom will bring “Playroom Set Maker”, an environment in which all manner of do-it-yourself video programs are encouraged. Of course now that Playroom is banned from Twitch, things may get a bit awkward.

Set Maker is a DLC (downloadable content pack) for the PlayStation 4 app Playroom, one made perfect to add loads of value to the PlayStation Camera. At the moment, the PlayStation 4 console is sold separate from the PlayStation Camera, and there are precious few games or apps that work with the camera in the first place. With the functionality added with Set Maker, this all might change in a hurry.

The main function of Set Maker is to add decorations to your camera stream. You’re able to import elements using your Android or iOS tablet or phone, or with PS Vita, pushing them into your camera stream like you would with Toy Maker. Have a peek at our demo of Toy Maker below.

In addition to banners, you’re able to create interactive elements that work with the app “Live from PlayStation.” This is essentially the live gameplay streaming station made by Sony for the PlayStation 4 only to be seen by PlayStation 4 owners. Like a Twitch that exists only within the PlayStation 4 universe.


The one interactive element for watchers thus far is a voting station – users may choose from a list of items you create. Here you’ll see a list of games the stream commander has offered up, allowing viewers to vote for their favorite.


Streamers will be able to create smoke, balloons (like in Toy Maker), lasers, and masks as well. Creating a mask means you’ll have an element follow your face around as you move.

Playroom Set Maker is being shown off in an early iteration at E3 2014. We’ll expect this DLC to be released (for free, as with past DLC for this app) later this year!

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