PS4 Playroom DLC "Toy Maker" released: we go hands-on

Today the first DLC for the augmented reality game The Playroom built-in to the PlayStation 4 has appeared with the name Toy Maker. This update to The Playroom allows the user to take their smartphone or tablet and create their own toys to toss into their virtual world. With the PlayStation 4 camera, the user's environment becomes a place to create and play with not only miniature virtual robots, but a variety of odd objects as well.

While the original version of The Playroom allowed users to see a massive amount of virtual robots, there was a teaser for this DLC (downloadable content pack) in the release of a massive virtual rubber duck. Just like this duck, the objects appear tossed or "flicked" from the device where they reside, growing and landing on the floor in front of the user. The user – you – is sensed by the camera as well as any other moving objects once the camera is first initiated.

If your dog should wander into the room, the robots and other objects strewn across the floor will be kicked and moved accordingly. The system isn't perfect – not by a long shot – but it's pretty amazing as it stands. With the Toy Maker update, it becomes all the more engaging.

What you've got through the standard PlayStation app for Android – for most Android devices, not just limited to Sony Xperia machines – is a connection through the "Second Screen" portion of the app. This allows the user to use the original app without having to download a new app every time a game wants to make use of smartphone or tablet. More on this when Watch Dogs comes out next year.

The Playroom update is available in the PlayStation Store under Games – New – Add-Ons (as seen below). And you may have to do some seeking and searching to find it. This update is free, the same as the original game, and it's well worth the 5 minutes it'll take to download – or significantly less depending on your web connection. You will need the PlayStation App for your Android device to work with this update, so grab that too!

The next update to this environment will be a beast known as "My Alien Buddy". We don't know a whole lot about this update to the system, but we can be pretty sure it'll also be created by the folks at Double Fine. That means it'll be top-class! Be sure to have a peek at our full PlayStation 4 review while you're at it!