PS4 Playroom DLC to bring more free play to weird Twitch feeds

If you've got a PlayStation 4 and have been following the story with live streaming with Twitch, you may already know the odd result of allowing the console's "The Playroom" app through the gate. What you'll see here is a barrage of users streaming the "game" trough Twitch with content both gaming-related and not, prompting Twitch itself to send our a reminder that only the former is acceptable through their site. The environment presented by Sony in The Playroom is about to get a big bump, as well, with two downloadable expansions in "My Alien Buddy" and "Toy Maker".

According to the folks at Kotaku, the game development group Double Fine is responsible for the creation of the first (of what may be a collection) of DLC packs for The Playroom for the PlayStation 4. This first downloadable content pack will be available soon – very soon – as it (they, rather), appear in the Trophies section of The Playroom right this minute.

Of special significance to those current owners of the PlayStation 4 is the fact that this first DLC (or set of DLC packs) will be free. Sony has made no indication that they plan on changing their minds about keeping The Playroom free from start to finish. This set of downloads through the future should make another great stride toward the PS4 being worth the purchase here less than a month after launch – despite a relative lack of an extensive game archive.

Additions to The Playroom will also add worth to the PlayStation 4 Camera, a device which – at the moment – has nary a use other than The Playroom itself. Nary a use, that is to say, other than logging in with your face and preparing yourself for future camera-heavy games by seeing how filthy your room really is. Get that place cleaned up!

Both Toy Maker and My Alien Buddy appeared in The Playroom trophies collection this weekend, they being set apart distinctly from the first 12 achievements to be had in the original environment. These first 12 trophies are collected in AR Hockey, AR Bots, and ASOBI. The creatures you see in AR Bots and ASOBI are the ones appearing in the sweep of Twitch feeds over the first week or so of the PlayStation 4's first launch in The Playroom directory.

Also note: Twitch has officially begun ruling on non-gaming content with The Playroom. Pay heed!

You can get a glimpse of what Toy Maker will be like in the demonstration video above. You'll find the ability to create a new toy for "AR Bots" incorporated in with a Sony smartphone – also another stride toward cross-device compatibility. This feature will likely work on devices outside the Sony line of smartphones, this given Sony's recent "work with all" attitude toward accessories and apps for Android.

Have a peek at more of the recent history of the PlayStation 4 in the archive below, and take a close look at our full PlayStation 4 review right this minute! We'll be rolling out the game reviews through the future as well, so stay tuned to the PlayStation 4 tag portal for what'll likely be the next few years at least!