PS4 Frankenteaser appears before Xbox 720 event

We're just a few hours away from Microsoft revealing its next-generation gaming console, but Sony is trying to take a bit of the attention away from that. Yesterday, the company teased its PS4 console in a video that showed the box itself from various close-up angles, and it has created some chatter amongst the PlayStation crowd who are dying to know what the console looks like. However, one concept artist has come up with a design of the PS4 based on the images from yesterday's teaser video.

We already know that Sony is sticking with its black look that they've implemented on all their consoles since the PS2, so now that we have that out of the way, the design is the only aspect that we're wanting to see. One Redditor studied the teaser video and came up with a design of what the PS4 might look like. It looks pretty sleek overall, with the first thing you'll notice probably being the giant cooling vent in the front.

The design also has a small fan toward the back on the side, and we're assuming that there's one on either side of the console. As for other features, we're guessing the slim silver plate on the front is the disc tray that pops out, but we're assuming that the PS4 will have a slot-load drive, seeing as this is 2013, but we're not quite sure what Sony might do in this case.

Is this what the PlayStation 4 will look like? We obviously don't know — this is merely just a piece of concept art that attempts to get as close as possible to the real design based on teaser images that we've seen. However, we certainly can't say that this isn't a design that could be close to what Sony has come up with.

As for the Xbox 720, the reveal event starts at 1 pm ET, and we're not sure what Microsoft will show off exactly, but we do know we'll get a look at some video games that will be releasing for the new console, including Call of Duty: Ghosts. Microsoft is planning Xbox 720 events three times this year: today, at E3, and at Gamescom in August, so the company may split up announcements between these three events.

VIA: Kotaku

SOURCE: Reddit