PS3 owner refunded 20% after Sony v3.21 update

Has Sony's PS3 update opened an unexpected can of refund worms?  According to one member of the NeoGAF forums, Amazon UK paid him £84 after he complained that his original 60GB console – which was well out of both Sony's warranty and Amazon's own 30-day guarantee – was, after firmware v3.21 was installed, in contravention of European Directive 1999/44/EC.  The law states that goods must be fit for the purpose that a seller advertises them as suitable for, and in removing the "Other OS" functionality Sony have inadvertently broken it.

When faced with the evidence, Amazon refunded 20-percent of the purchase price of the PS3, regardless of whether the "Other OS" feature – which allowed you to install another platform on the console – had actually been used or not.  Amazon themselves have foot the bill, but it's unclear what sort of repercussions this might have on Sony should the entire European PS3 market decide to demand a refund.

[via Slashdot]