PS3 firmware v3.21 is out; where's Geohot when you need him?

It's not just shoddy April Fools jokes that you can expect today; if you're a PS3 owner, then turning on your console – assuming it's one of the original models, rather than the newer slimline version – will leave you face to face with PS3 firmware v3.21.  Doing little more than stripping out the ability to install other OSes on the console, we're hearing that PS3s all over are being presented with the (optional) update.

Of course, while it's certainly up to you whether you install it – giving up the chance to run Linux or turn a cluster of PS3s into your very own supercomputer in the process – you'll be potentially crippling your multimedia experience if you say no.  Consoles not running v3.21 won't have access to the PlayStation Network, and Sony have also said that certain Blu ray content won't work either.

Despite the complaints, Sony have pushed ahead with their firmware plan – they call it a "security concern" though are yet to explain exactly what that means – leaving us with just one hope.  Arch hacker George Hotz has promised a custom firmware version for the PS3 which will restore just enough of v3.21 to enable PSN access and the rest, but without getting rid of its "Other OS" potential.  Problem is, there's no timeline for that CFW's release.