PS Vita US game pricing reveals stingy Sony digital discount

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Sony's pricing for PS Vita games in the US has been previewed, with titles showing up in the PSN store since the company began updating PS3 consoles to firmware v4.10. A 10-percent discount is offered on some of the games, users in the NeoGaf forums have discovered, though not all titles are cheaper bought direct from Sony.

Sony confirmed earlier this month that it would be offering discounts for those buying their games digitally rather than in physical stores. Already showing up for sale are Hot Shots at $36, WipEout 2048 at $36 and Modnation Racers Road Trip at $27, each with a 10-percent cut from the MRSP, though Uncharted is $50 and Super Stardust Delta is $10, each with no discount.

The pricing is already prompting upset among would-be PS Vita buyers, who have highlighted that taking 10-percent from Sony's MRSP is still more than some third-party retailers are asking for boxed games. WipEout 2048, for instance, is available for $29.99 online.

The PlayStation update v4.10 also renames the PSN to the Sony Entertainment Network, as well as improving the console's browser. According to Sony, rendering in the browser is now faster.

[via The Sixth Axis]