PS Vita 2000 uses standard smartphone microUSB charging cables

Last month, the latest PS Vita model PCH-2000 was revealed, along with it coming some specs and other pertinent information. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida has pointed out one particular feature that hasn't caught much attention, revealing in a tweet that the next-generation handheld console is equipped with a standard microUSB charger, making it compatible with a variety of commonly-available charging cables.

With this design change, the same charger used to charge most smartphones can also be used to charge the Sony handheld, making the device more convenient for gamers while reducing the number of cables one has to carry around. Along with the information was a shot of the PS Vita sporting a stylish white and yellow body.

The PS Vita 2000 went up for sale a couple days ago in Japan for the equivalent of about $200. With the new model comes a design that is 15-percent lighter and 20-percent thinner than the previous PS Vita. The new design is accompanied by 1GB of internal storage space, a boost over the previous model, and a battery life that clocks in at about 6 hours on a charge.

In addition to the yellow PS Vita 2000 seen in the image above, the gaming console will also be available in pink, gray, black, light blue, and white. Gamers can grab a 64GB memory card made for the console, bringing a fair bit of storage space. The PS Vita 2000 comes close on the heels of competitor Nintendo's 2DS, a non-hinged entry in the 3DS family just recently hit the shelves. With the 2DS comes a lower price tag of $129.99

Unfortunately, there's still no word on when those outside of Japan will be able to grab the PS Vita 2000.

VIA: Polygon

SOURCE: Twitter