Project Natal $149 US price leaks; $299 in 360 Arcade bundle

Having gasped at leaked Scandinavian pricing for Project Natal, which worked out to roughly $200 for the motion-controller, new US-specific figures have emerged which are a little more palatable.  According to Edge Online's "trusted source", Microsoft will release Project Natal in October 2010, priced at $149 in the US.  It'll also be available as a bundle with the Xbox 360 Arcade, for $299.

The source also confirmed that the device's name won't, in fact, be called Project Natal when it finally reaches shelves, and that the official title will be among the things Microsoft announce at E3 next month.  There they'll also outline its non-traditional gamer focus; "Microsoft expects to sell millions and millions of Natal units in its first year on the market" the source reckons, "so you can expect the software launch line-up to target non-traditional gamers."

As for that launch, the current date is apparently pencilled in as October 26th worldwide, though that could still shift with an error margin of weeks on each side.  Microsoft have declined to comment on the leaks.