Project Natal could sell for $200

Last week a Saudi Microsoft marketing executive outted October as the launch date for the long anticipated Project Natal motion control system from Microsoft. I think most of us were hoping that the Project Natal system would come in at under $100.

The Project Natal camera has landed with a price at a retailer in Scandinavia. The price according to the retailer is 1499kr, which works out to about $191. We have to take this with a grain of salt for a couple reasons. One, the official Project Natal launch announcement hasn't been made and is expected to be unveiled at E3 next month. The odds of these people having correct pricing so early is unknown.

Second, the $191 price point is a simple conversion to dollars. Anyone who is familiar with pricing in foreign countries knows that prices in the US are often cheaper than the direct conversion rates across the pond. A good example as Gizmodo points out is that a straight conversion price for many Xbox 360 games in Scandinavia puts the titles at about $80 while they sell for about $60 here in the States.