Project Glass unleashes the iPhone snark

Google's Project Glass demo may have kicked off with a skydiving extravaganza, but it seems the company couldn't quite resist some snark directed at Apple. Speaking of how the head-worn computer terminal allows users to check information naturally, rather than get obsessed in what's happening on their smartphone display, Google opted to demonstrate the difference in approaches with a frustratedly-tapping iPhone user.

No specific mention of the iPhone was made, naturally, but the message was clear: Project Glass lets you keep interacting with those around you, rather than burying you in a screen. Ironically, Google had just been showing how Android 4.1 Jelly Bean pulls in natural search queries, Siri-style, earlier in its IO keynote.

Still, there are some similar themes – Google was keen to point out how much Jelly Bean's new features cut down on the time you're using your device and increase the time you actually get to use the data. Google will offer the first public access to Project Glass in early 2013 in the shape of the Explorer Edition priced at $1,500 for IO attendees.