Project Fi adds US Cellular as third US partner

Project Fi has added a third mobile partner to its available networks in the US to expand coverage areas. That new partner is US Cellular. Before adding US Cellular to its umbrella, Google claimed that users of its own cellular service had a signal 99% of the time and 95% of that time the signal was 4G LTE. Things should look even better for Project Fi users now that US Cellular has been added.

Project Fi is designed to choose the best network for each user based on where they are roaming. The other two partners for Project Fi include Sprint and T-Mobile with WiFi networks also available. The look of the Project Fi coverage map remains much the same with the addition of US Cellular to the partners list.

The big news with this isn't additional coverage, but US Cellular's network might have a better signal than Sprint or T-Mobile in your area leading to better service. Users do need to update their Project Fi app to get support for US Cellular. Project Fi has been around for a while now and back in December of 2015, it added support for data-only devices.

If you are unfamiliar with Project Fi, we took a closer look at the service back in April of 2015 when it first began to rollout. It's a MVNO, which is company that rents space on another carriers network. You also need a phone that is specifically compatible with the Project Fi service mostly those are Nexus devices. One big upside of Project Fi from the start was that it works internationally making the plan serviceable in over 120 countries. You also only need to pay for the data you use each month and the core plan is only $20 monthly.

SOURCE: Neowin