Portal's GLaDOS may be next for LEGO immortality

The Portal build you're about to see is not yet a fully operational LEGO design. Instead, it's part of the LEGO Ideas collection, one that's been growing for several years – from its CUUSOO roots to the machine it is today. Today we witness builder "pitrek02" take the helm with over 1000 supporters – not quite what's needed for official status, but well over the border needed to get there eventually.

Supporters for this GLaDOS build will need to head to LEGO Ideas where they'll get to vote. Unlike other crowd-funding ventures, this setup does not require that you actually toss any money at the screen. Instead, you've only got to give moral support and a virtual high-five to the creator!

This isn't the only GLaDOS or Portal creation in the mix – it's jut the one that's closest to reality with a full physical build. Have a peek at LEGO Ideas with search terms "portal" or "glados" for more than you can handle.

Above you'll see a few more LEGO creations inspired by the minds at Aperture Science. Let us know if you're all about this line of reasoning – or if you'd just like LEGO to keep making Minecraft sets instead.