Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic all-electric UTV features a few enticing cost-cutting claims

Polaris has unveiled the Ranger XP Kinetic, an all-electric utility terrain vehicle (UTV) developed with Zero Motorcycles. Last March, Polaris and Zero announced their partnership to create an electric version of the former's popular Ranger UTV. Polaris claims the Ranger XP Kinetic is setting new standards for UTV performance and productivity, and it has the muscle to back up that bold claim.

The all-new Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic is available as a three-seat model and is sold in two variants: Premium and Ultimate. Both feature Zero's most powerful electric motor pumping out 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque, the most offered in a side-by-side utility vehicle. With that much oomph, it has a max payload of 1,250 lbs. and can tow up to 2,500 lbs.

And since there's no gas engine and oily transmission, Polaris engineers had the freedom to offer 10-inches of suspension travel and 14-inches of ground clearance, enough for Ranger XP Kinetic to go over challenging obstacles without breaking your back. Furthermore, Ranger XP Kinetic has three driving modes (Eco+, Standard, and Sport) and an updated forward/reverse switch. Of course, the all-electric powertrain means ultra-quiet operation when traversing your favorite hunting spots.

The Premium version has a 14.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to deliver 45 miles of range, while the Ultimate has a 29.8 kWh battery for up to 80 miles of range. Polaris has thrown in a combination Level 1 and Level 2 charger that works with 120V and 240V outlets, potent enough to replenish the batteries from empty to full in around five hours.

And since it's an EV, Ranger XP Kinetic is economical to maintain than a comparable gas-powered UTV despite having the most pulling power in its class. According to Polaris, the maintenance costs are up to 70-percent less, and owners could save $200 in gas every year. Say goodbye to oil, filter, and spark plug changes forever!

Standard features include a new shifter design and an innovative 12V cargo box outlet to power accessories or recharge your portable batteries. Meanwhile, a seven-inch infotainment screen powered by Ride Command+ offers a brilliant suite of connected technology. Owners can view essential information like diagnostics, vehicle location, and vehicle health on their smartphones using the Polaris app.

The Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic has base prices at $24,999 (Premium) and $29,999 (Ultimate). The Ranger XP Kinetic comes with a 1-year factory warranty, a 3-year electric powertrain warranty, and a 5-year battery warranty. The Polaris page for the Ranger XP Kinetic suggests that this vehicle is available for pre-order now.