Polaris RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R side-by-sides have massive power

Polaris is famous for its fast and powerful RZR family of side-by-sides that are made for exploring off-road and going fast. The company has revealed new side-by-sides that it says are the most powerful, strongest, and advanced it has ever developed. The new models slot into the RZR family and bring more performance to the line.

RZR Pro R has the most powerful engine ever used in a side-by-side with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 225 horsepower. Polaris says that power output makes it the most powerful off-road side-by-side in the industry. Its chassis is a one-piece unit with a fully-welded roll cage. It also has strengthened unitized hubs and box steel A-arms for improved strength.

It has a 74-inch wide stance designed to provide the driver with more control. It also features a dynamic and sophisticated suspension system called DYNAMIX DV. The suspension uses input gathered from the vehicle and terrain to optimize its rebound and compression damping continuously. Polaris has two models in the RZR Pro R line, including the standard two-person vehicle priced at $31,999. The RZR Pro R 4 seats four people and is priced at $35,990. Both use the same naturally aspirated ProStar Fury 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 225 horsepower.

The vehicles have a trio of throttle control modes the driver can select, including Sport, Rock, and Race. The modes adjust throttle sensitivity to provide power when and how it's needed for the conditions. Polaris' new DYNAMIX DV has four modes monitoring input from the driver and vehicle 200 times per second, allowing it to automatically adjust compression and rebound damping independently for a smooth ride and keeping the wheels on the ground.

The other new vehicle is the RZR Turbo R utilizing the same 74-inch stance as the Pro R. It also features a one-piece chassis with the same DYNAMIX DV suspension to automatically adjust settings for optimal performance. The major difference between the two models is the RZR Turbo R and RZR Turbo R 4 utilizing turbocharged four-stroke twin-cylinder liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine making 181 horsepower.

It comes standard with 15-inch five-lug wheels with 32-inch Maxxis Rampage Fury tires. In addition, RZR Turbo R features a three-piece stabilizer bar and Fox 3.0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks, providing 27-inches of front suspension travel. At the rear, the vehicle uses high-clearance radius rods, stabilizer bars, and the same shock absorbers to provide 28-inches of usable rear travel.

RZR Turbo R is optimized for low-end power delivery with a low gear designed for lots of torque at low RPM. The entire vehicle is designed for strength and durability, and it has a 96-inch wheelbase for the two-seat version and a 125-inch wheelbase for the four-seat version. Both side-by-side models utilize four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for improved stopping.

RZR Turbo R starts at $25,099, with the RZR Turbo R 4 starting at $29,099. Turbo R and Pro R side-by-side models will be offered in Sport, Premium, and Ultimate trims. It's unclear what the difference in the trim levels are and how much the MSRP increases with each step. Polaris will begin shipping the RZR Turbo R models in the spring of 2022. RZR Pro R will land at dealerships in early 2022.