Zero reveals 2022 SR electric motorcycle and makes upgrades an in-app buy

Zero Motorcycles has pulled the wraps off its 2022 electric bike range, coaxing out more range and debuting a new 2022 Zero SR model. It also sees the launch of the Zero Cypher Store, which will allow riders to pay to unlock features like swifter charging, more range, and greater performance as readily as they might make an in-app purchase on their smartphone.

Post-sale upgrades is something we've seen the auto industry grow increasingly keen on, leveraging the software basis for so many advanced features and the increasing spread of OTA update support. In Zero's case, it'll tap bikes running the latest Cypher III+ operating system – the 2022 model year versions of the SR/F and SR/S, along with the new 2022 SR motorcycles – and be accessed either online or through the Zero app.

Initially, Zero says, there'll be a mixture of performance and comfort/convenience features to choose between. In Q1 2022 it's planning to offer things like faster charging, a range boost, and improvements to speed and acceleration. Owners will also be able to add Park Mode, enable heated grips, and unlock on-dash navigation.

For example, if you're headed out on a road trip, you might want the 20-percent extended range option. If it's charging that you're most focused on, up to 100-percent faster will be a one-time option. Pricing will depend on option and individual model of bike: for the 2022 Zero SR, for example, faster charging will be $195 while extra range is $2,195.

2022 Zero Motorcycles SR

The new SR builds on one of Zero's earliest models, with a ZF 75-10 motor that offers 122 lb-ft of torque and 74 horsepower as standard. However, there's a $1,795 Cypher Store option to add more power. Add that, and you get 140 lb-ft and 113 hp, plus the top speed is nudged up to 124 mph.

The Performance Boost upgrade also adds Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control. That builds on the straight-line ABS, traction control, and drag torque controls that are included as standard with cornering support. Range can also be improved with up to 29.9 kWh unlocked in the batteries.

The 2022 SR also has J1772 charger support, so that riders can top up from public EV stations. It'll ship in Q1 2022, Zero says, in Thermal Red initially, priced from $17,995.

More battery density for 2022 Zero bikes

As for the rest of Zero's range, MY2022 brings with it an uptick in power density, with up to 20-percent more on offer. The new power packs will now offer 14.4+ kWh and 15.6+ kWh; the former will be standard on the SR/S and SR/F, along with the new 2022 SR, while the latter is available on premium trim versions of the 2022 SR/S and SR/F.

However, the "+" designation means there'll be the opportunity to bump capacity to 17.3 kWh, using the Cypher Store system. Combined with the optional Power Tank – Zero's separate add-on battery – there'll be nearly 21 kWh to play with. The result, the company says, is up to 227 miles of city range, or 113 miles at 70 mph highway speeds.