Pokemon Red in Minecraft faithfully recreates even the bugs

We can never really get tired of all the wild and insane things people come up with in Minecraft? Recreate a real-world city "to scale"? Go for it! Recreate a classic game? Definitely! Recreate a popular game so faithfully that it even recreates its popular bugs? Sure, why not! That's definitely what Mr. Squishy, a.k.a. Magib1, set out to accomplish in recreated Pokemon Red version in a vanilla Minecraft map. And accomplish he did! All it took was a lot of dedication and 21 months of his life.

This Minecraft adaptation of Pokemon Red is unlike the more "original" Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst that played out in the "real" Minecraft world, with completely new monsters. This, instead, is more like the FireRed Minecraft adaptation that we saw last year in that it recreates the original 2D game inside a gigantic emulator. There are, of course, a few differences. Mr. Squishy's work started way back in 2015. It is also now complete.

There some very notable achievements with this Pokemon Red "port". First is that it all happens in a vanilla Minecraft map, no mods needed. To accomplish the magic, he makes use of built-in Command Blocks functionality. Just abot 357,000 of them. And, yes, that's a crapton.

Perhaps the most amusing accomplishment is that Mr. Squishy even implemented the bugs that became famous in the first generation of Pokemon games, specifically the "MissingNo" Pokemon and the item duplication bug. How's that for fidelity! Sadly, the one thing that he didn't actually faithfully recreate was the audio. He was afraid it would introduce some glaring desynch problems. You'll just have to use your imagination for that one.

Mr. Squishy has a few warnings to heed, like reserving 2 GB of memory for the game. He also strongly recommends backing up frequently and saving before logging out. There might also be a few new bugs lurking around, which could at least give the game some unique new flavor.

SOURCE: Reddit