Pokemon NXT: 3D, 3rd-person, fan-made pseudo-MMO

Impatient Pokemon fans tired of waiting for Nintendo to create an MMORPG of their favorite gaming title have taken matters into their own hands with Pokemon NXT. This game is still in Alpha mode and is completely fan-made, relying on stealth (good luck on that) to stay out of the watchful eyes of Nintendo officials. At the moment you'll have to nab this game through sites like Kongregate before it's shut down by Nintendo for good (though we cross our fingers that it'll stick around for the betterment of all Pokemon players worldwide).

There's also a way to download the game [UPDATE: download deleted!] that allows you to play the game locally, on your own machine. Otherwise methods include clicking through our source below to find the web browser-based version of the game.

UPDATE: Have a peek at our full Pokemon NTX gameplay hands-on. It's the opposite of exciting at the moment, but shows much potential for the future.

You'll begin as Ash, the original main character of the Pokemon television series. Ash works with three level 5 Pokemon right out the gate as well: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. No more leaving that plant-based monster behind! From the start you'll be battling Pidgeys and Ratatats to level your three basic Pokemon up.

There aren't a lot of options in this very, very early build of the game, and we don't necessarily expect development to roll forward with all speed. Instead we're hoping that the popularity of this fan-made beast will spark interest at Nintendo once more. We're also hoping there's more of a cross-over between the original title and this 3D adventure when the time inevitably comes – here's to turn-based pixel-studded battles!

VIA: Pokemon NXT