Pokemon Masters sync updates tease zero stamina

This week Pokemon Masters EX had a deluge of updates spilled with details on new moves, new events, and new sync pairs for August. This all begins with an event starting on August 4, 2021, at 11PM (local time) called Daily Type Rotation: Type Team-Up. This system will use sync pairs of all 18 available types, and types will rotate daily.

During the Daily Type Rotation: Type Team-Up event, users will find challenges like "Challenge the Water Types" and "Challenge the Rock Types"... and so on. You get it. Each battle will reward usersw with what the creators of Pokemon Masters EX describe as "gems and items used for training, including tomes and codices for each type." Each time a new battle is added with this system, there'll be "special conversations with sync pairs" in the Pokemon Center.

August 4 will also be the day Falkner & Swellow debut in the sync pair scout, as we discussed a bit in our otherwise most recent drop of details for this next wave of updates. Take a peek at the wild new sync pairs that'll be appearing in the next few weeks.

On August 11, 2021 at 11PM there'll be a new sync pair, Hop & Zamazenta at the same time as a new event begins. That event is called The Howling Shield of Eternity legendary event. Just after that event is finished, there'll be a "Two-Year Run-Up Special Rally" starting on August 18.

For 9 days, starting on August 18, users will find 400 Stamina per day for a Special Log-In Bonus. There'll be special missions with 5-star Guaranteed Scout Tickets and "other incredible rewards" during this period – with more rewards from the Training Area than you'd otherwise get.

On August 19, 2021, Cresselia will return to the Legendary Arena. This will occur starting at around the same time as the "Blissful Bonanza!" event, where users will be able to attain "valuable items" that can be exchanged for 5-star Guaranteed Scout Tickets, lucky cookies, Lucky Scrolls, and other (as yet unnamed) items.

Per the developer update released this week, there'll also be an as-yet-unrevealed "one more new thing planned" for the date August 18, 2021. The creators of the game suggest this date will reveal "something special to express our gratitude to all of you for your support throughout two years."

At the tail end of August, 2021, there'll also be a significant Daily log-in bonus update. There'll also be zero stamina consumption (one must assume for a limited time) in the Evolution Material Area and Sync Orb Area. Cross your fingers that sticks!