Pokemon GO update teardown reveals music and new graphics

The latest update for Pokemon GO revealed new music, confetti, and graphics for the game. Several new assets in the game's files suggest that Niantic is preparing for the fast-approaching Pokemon GO Fest 2021, complete with rock and pop music for different maps, music notes, and a brand new intro curtain for the start of said event. Meloetta will apparently be playing a significant role in this event, as several new graphics were added for the event with Meloetta in the name – graphics that aren't just moves or the Pokemon monster itself!

A massive teardown shared this week by PokeMiners at The Silph Road on Reddit showed a bunch of Meloetta assets, including a pulled-aside curtain graphic, graphics for a stage floor and a 3D stage, and a Meloetta Intro Curtain (with the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 seal at its center). Music notes, stars, glow, and flare graphics round out the bunch – all of this fits well with this year's Pokemon 25 MUSIC celebration.

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If you'd like to hear the music added to the game in this latest update, take a peek at the PokeMiners Sound Cloud. They have new music for a Meloetta Encounter, Rock and Pop Map Music, and more.

Also appearing in the teardown are four music notes that'll very likely be used as the "confetti" for Pokemon GO Fest 2021. There's a purple note called "Cave", another in orange with the name "Desert", another in blue for "Jungle", and a treble clef in green called "Jungle."

Pokemon GO also had a new set of "Raid Leaderboard" graphics added as the game makes way for the Raid Leaderboard this upcoming season. There's graphics for Buddy Player, Survival Duration, Mega Evolution, Remote Distance, Pokemon Height, generic imagery for Instinct, Mystic, and Valor, Final Strike, Damage Dealt, and a Customize Avatar screen. This should mean we're close to the release of this next-level change to the game!