Pokemon GO update released today: where Mewtwo can download!

Chris Burns - Aug 23, 2017, 11:27 am CST
Pokemon GO update released today: where Mewtwo can download!

This morning the newest version of Pokemon GO was released in the middle of the extended Legendary Bird Raid event. This event lasts until the 31st of August, 2017, at which time there’s a distinct chance that we’ll all see Mewtwo. That’s right, trainers, the most powerful (aside from Mew) Pokemon in Generation One, right on your doorstep, ready to annihilate any foolish single trainer that dares attempt a battle without a team.

The most recent version of Pokemon GO before the one we’ve been granted today fixed several big bugs. One was a Potion Consumption bug where too many pots at once led to a Pokemon GO freeze. Another bug had an effect on motivation – too slow for some, too fast for others! Today’s update has not officially been spoken of by Niantic.

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Generally when Niantic releases an update without comment, a large portion of the update is either cosmetic or full of bug fixes in anticipation of the next big event. In this case, Niantic’s already basically told us what the next big event is – Mewtwo’s global release!

As we mentioned in our “Mewtwo Countdown” article, all signs point to the 31st of August release of the beast. This update’s ONE mention, made while this article was being written, includes the following:

“Remotely viewing your Pokemon on Gyms causes them to lose their favorite status: We have itentified a bug causing favorited Pokemon to become unfavorited when remotely viewing the Pokemon on a Gym. UPDATE: This issue has been resolved in Pokemon GO version 0.71.”

The update today brings us up to version 0.71.0 for Android devices, and the download can be found on Google Play immediately if not soon. The update today also brings us up to version 1.41.0 for iPhone and iPad – though mostly iPhone, as the game isn’t optimized for iPad at this moment. The iOS version of this app can be found in the Apple App Store.

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