Pokemon GO update makes it easier to transfer monsters

It's been a big day for Pokemon GO, with Niantic earlier announcing an update that adds a ton of new PokeStops to the game through a partnership with Sprint. On top of that, Niantic also said that it will soon be adding more Pokemon to Pokemon GO, but we need to wait until next week for more details there. As if that somehow weren't enough, Pokemon GO is getting a second update today, and it's adding some quality of life improvements players have been requesting for quite some time.

Most importantly, you're now able to batch transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow. This is a feature trainers have been waiting for since the game launched, as sending Pokemon one at a time can be quite the hassle when you have a lot to transfer. Using this function is as simple as pressing and holding down on a Pokemon, Niantic says.

Once this update is applied, you'll also see Pokemon type icons appear next to gyms. This tells you Pokemon typing at a glance, cutting out any guesswork when it comes to determining match ups. Perfect, in other words, for those who didn't grow up with Pokemon and may not necessarily know that something like Cloyster is both a water and ice-type monster.

The buddy screen is also getting some extra features, as it will now show the total candy count for your buddy Pokemon. Just as well, the information screen for individual Pokemon will now show you the total kilometers walked with that Pokemon as a buddy, even if they aren't your current one. Finally, Niantic says that this patch contains minor text fixes, but doesn't delve into what those fixes are.

So, nothing all that groundbreaking in this update, but the addition of batch transfers will likely make a lot of players quite happy. On December 12, Niantic will be revealing plans to add new Pokemon to the game, so stay tuned for that. Will we get legendary Pokemon like Articuno and Mewtwo, or will Niantic announce that it's adding the Pokemon from Gold and Silver to the game? We don't have much longer to wait before finding out!

SOURCE: Niantic