Pokemon GO Trick or Treat is tonight - it's super spooky

Niantic announced a Pokemon GO event starting earlier this month – but tonight is the best time to make the most of it. Tonight is the night where you get double candy – but also another big bunch of candy because it's also Halloween right now – it's Halloween RIGHT NOW! That means so much candy your face is about to melt directly off your head-bones.

This evening whilst walking around the neighborhood, between houses, but always with a lookout whilst playing, play Pokemon GO. It is time to get the candy. Just like it is right now, during the day, tonight Pokemon GO is giving out 2x the candy for every different kind of candy-getting activity – including simply walking around – though that's just a tiny bit different from the rest.

Pokemon GO Halloween deets – all the deets!

Walking candy in Pokemon GO comes from Buddy Pokemon. Using a Buddy Pokemon, users are able to get one candy per certain distance. During this event, the requisite distance is halved. So you don't technically get twice the candy, you get candy at half the walking price.

This Halloween event began back on October 20th, and it lasts at least until November 2nd. That's about twice as long as last year's event, and if this event is anything like every single other event, it'll probably last beyond the 2nd, too. Just keep playing so much your legs burn and your eyes are searing.

For more information on this event, have a peek at our previous in-depth guide linked above. Below you'll see a timeline of updates to the game over the past week – make with the tapping!