Catch the last free Shiny Eevee in Pokemon GO

Chris Burns - Jun 17, 2019, 4:06 pm CDT
Catch the last free Shiny Eevee in Pokemon GO

It’s nearly time that the Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee systems lose contact with their little-known Pokemon GO bonus. With each purchase of the Eevee version of the game, users can attain a free Shiny Pikachu. With the Pikachu version of the game, users can attain a free Shiny Eevee. This is a time-restricted situation in the truest sense of the phrase.

Pokemon Let’s GO can be purchased wherever fine Nintendo and Pokemon games are sold – it’s the QR code you’ll need to scan that’s only in one place. You’ll need to download the app Pokemon Pass from your app store, on iOS on your iPhone or Android on your Android phone, through Google Play. The app requires that you visit a participating Target store to find a QR code on a sign in the Pokemon toys toy aisle.

That QR code can be scanned inside the Pokemon Pass app, giving you – the owner – a “free Pokemon.” The app requires that you be physically present at a participating Target for this to work. Once scanned, you’ll get a code which you’ll then enter in-game in Pokemon Let’s GO on Nintendo Switch, which you can then connect to your Pokemon GO on your phone.

Once you’ve got your shiny Pikachu, you can do whatever you want in life – evolve it and get a shiny Raichu if you want. If you get a Shiny Eevee, you might want to try a unique sort of naming trick – if you’ve not already done so in the past.

The name-to-evolve list suggests that you’ll potentially have access to any of the seven evolutions of Eevee. Without special tricks, you’ll just get one of three: Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. Look at all the strange shiny colors!

This Target shiny deal started on May 11th and was supposed to go until the 23rd of June, but you may want to check with your local Target before making the trek. Some stores have apparently taken the signage down before the event was meant to be over – like monsters!

UPDATE: IF you happen to be in a store that DID have signage but does not have signage at this moment, you could still use the QR-code above! Just display this QR code on one device and scan with another WHILST at a Target – assuming your Target still brings the scanner up when you’re inside the store – it’s worth a shot!

UPDATE 2: If the QR-code doesn’t work, try copy-pasting the following (without the quotes) into your web browser. The URL “;GUID:ea4d645a-ed0f-45bd-822a-3b637525f8e0” is generated by the QR code. The first part is a link to the Pokemon Company webpage with apps, the second may well lead you where you want to go once you’ve got the app installed. Though the code was captured from the official Pokemon GO poster at Target, SlashGear is not responsible for anything that may happen to you or your phone if you choose to utilize the url above and navigate away from SlashGear.

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