Pokemon GO Raids Level And The Next Update

Raid Battles have begun in Pokemon GO and the whole in-game universe has begun to wonder when it'll be their turn to take a shot. As of this weekend, Niantic began rolling out the RAID Battle update to all players. This does not mean that every single player got the opportunity to participate in a Raid battle right off the bat. Some users had to wait until it was their turn – for their player level – to come up in the cards.

The first wave of Raid Battle users had to be level 35 or higher. Of course this meant that only a very small number of users got the opportunity to participate in the Beta release. This was by design, and Niantic wanted to play-test the game's new feature in a small group first, then a slightly larger group, and so on and so forth.

The next group was level 31 and above – this remained true until Friday night at which point the level was lowered to 25. At this point we're getting close to the time at which Raid Battles are nearly play-tested to completion. Soon all users above level 5 – we're to understand – will see Raid Battles in the game.

Just a few Pokemon have appeared in the RAID BOSS collection so far. They began with the basics and progressively became more varied over the weekend. The first wave included the following Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO RAID BOSS Wave One:

• Arcanine

• Alakazam

• Bayleaf

• Blastoise

• Charizard

• Croconaw

• Electabuzz

• Exeggutor

• Flareon

• Gengar

• Jolteon

• Lapras IF YOU AREN'T UPDATED: Legendary Raid Event APK app download

• Machamp

• Magikarp

• Magmar

• Muk

• Quilava

• Rhydon

• Snorlax

• Tyranitar

• Vaporeon

• Venusaur

• Weezing

This is only accounting for the first two types of Raid Boss Eggs. Raid Battle Eggs come in three types – the third has not yet appeared in the live game. The third type of Raid Egg is the Legendary Raid Egg. We're hoping to see that Legendary Raid Egg appear on July 5th – the 1-year anniversary of Pokemon GO's release as a public game.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more RAID action. Additional information about Raid Battles and other new bits and pieces from Pokemon GO's latest update can be found in our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter Portal. We've also got a massive mix of memes there too – for your pleasure!