Pokemon GO Raid event begins now!

The next wave of Pokemon GO Raid events has begun, and the EX Raid is at the head of the pack. This new wave of Raids for users of all sorts begins just in time for a number of Gamestop locations turning on the lights for sponsored Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms. This does NOT mean that Gamestop is the only location where an EX Raid can happen, but it does mean that your local Gamestop might be a good place to look for an EX Raid first.

This newest set of events in the RAID pool is rolling out across the planet piece by piece. Users in the United States began to see Gamestop changes approximately 20 hours ago, while EX RAID announcements began to appear for residents across the Americas just afterward – approximately 15 hours before this article was first posted.

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This newest wave of Raid battles does not just affect how many EX Raids are going on around the world. New Pokemon are appearing, too! For those that've not been Raiding for the last few months – November is here! Now's the time when new Raid Bosses are appearing first, coming in several different types in different biomes as they do so.

Ninetails is one of these new bosses, as is Omastar. The most exciting Raid Boss in this new collection outside the EX Raid bosses must be Porygon. Some users have never seen a Porygon in their entire Pokemon GO gameplay existence, and the vast majority of Pokemon GO users have not yet caught this elusive Pokemon. Now's your chance!

It's not as if Porygon or its evolved type are all that fantastic for battling. Porygon is one of the Pokemon affected by an evolution item – as such, the draw to this Pokemon is great, and the reward is doubly as satisfying. Now with Porygon part of the Raid Boss system, the capture of this digital monster is within our grasp!

Next – Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for the "Fall Harvest" event which will be appearing on your screens within the next few weeks! Look to the event from last year to gain a greater understanding of what's likely coming soon!