Pokemon GO Reddit just revealed a big shiny treat

In the future, the most rare form of Pokemon will be available outside the confines of individual events. The proof is in the pudding – aside from the anomalies we've witnessed over the past few weeks, today a screenshot from a Reddit user's Pokemon GO journal. In this journal entry, the user shows a Shuppet baby hatched from a Pokemon GO egg picked up post-Halloween event.

Now that Pokemon GO Halloween is over, we've officially reached a full year of Pokemon GO events. What we've gleaned from Niantic over this year of learning experiences is that all things evolve – not just Pokemon. As such, anything that happens in the week after an event is over could just be Niantic's lack of switching off the switches that they switched during said event. But let's consider for a moment that they left one switch flipped ON on purpose.

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This appearance of Shiny Shuppet post-Halloween can mean only one thing!* The Shiny release continues! While in the past we've seen Shiny Pokemon appear only during events in which they were featured, the continued hatching of this Halloween-centric Pokemon means Niantic's loosening the handcuffs on these very rare monsters.

This would not be the first time Niantic allowed the treats of a Pokemon GO event to last longer than they'd originally quoted. Starting with the first event in the game – also Halloween, 2016 – event bonuses have lasted anywhere from a half day to several days after the end of the event at hand.

* There's also a CHANCE that this guy wasn't being entirely truthful about the hatching of this egg. It could also be that the egg was actually found at the tail end of the Halloween event's extended bonus application. If either one of these possibilities are true, the Shiny extension is also likely a fluke.

But we'll keep crossing our fingers. Wouldn't it be wonderful to catch a Shiny Pikachu out there in the wild in the middle of a dark and gloomy winter's day? Especially with the original only having really appeared in Japan? That'd be super duper – have a peek at the rest of the possibilities over at PoGo Central on Facebook right now!