Pokemon GO Promo Codes : Birthday / Solstice Event Warning!

Here near the 1-year mark after the birth of Pokemon GO, the game contains a new space for entering Promo Codes. This week we've been privy to some nefarious signals coming from a small – but significant – faction of users who plan to use the lack of Promo Code knowledge available to the public to their advantage. Today we're here to get ahead of the curve and put a stop to this trickery before it gets the chance to take hold and fester. Here's how Promo Codes work, and where to get them:

Our set of facts first appearing in the article "Pokemon GO Promo Codes with Item Unlocks Updated" has been given an upgrade. Now we know more than we did back then, and the code implementation has spread beyond the basics. The list as it reads now, goes like so:

Pokemon GO Promo Codes Facts:

• Code Entry is in Android only*, so far

• Code Entry is text-based

• Some codes will deliver Pokeballs

• Some codes will deliver Lure Modules

• Some codes will deliver Lucky Eggs

• Some codes will deliver new items we've not yet confirmed

• Codes are approximately 12 characters long and all letters – or have been this way so far, with the first promo code release.

*Niantic has not yet reached an agreement with Apple on how they might implement their Promo Codes feature. It has to do with in-game purchases and whatnot, dealing with the iTunes App Store. For now this feature remains Android only.

The way scammers plan on using this code delivery system is to promise codes in exchange for Bitcoin – or other digital cryptocurrencies. The codes will possibly be used to prove how real they are on Skype. This works because one code could, potentially, be obtained from Sprint right this minute.

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Once it's proven that one code works, these scammers plan to sell the rest in a batch for one seemingly impossibly good price. As it is almost always, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Scammers are out there – and they're not very kind to their victims, especially when it comes to situations like these where the fanbase of the game is still young and gullible but just old enough to have a lot of disposable income.

REAL codes will only come from Niantic. There's been no major leak of codes thus far, and nobody we've spoken to has any extra codes floating around to trade. On top of this, the codes given out so far don't really bring a whole lot of in-game bonuses. It's not worth the effort and it's not worth the risk to try to buy these codes from someone in any form.

To redeem a promo code:

1. In the Map View, touch the Main Menu button.

2. Touch Shop button.

3. At the bottom of the screen, enter the promo code in the text field.

4. Touch Redeem.

I should also add that buying and selling these codes online or offline isn't actually legal. Users caught buying or selling these codes are likely to be booted from the game entirely, at the very least.

Meanwhile with the Pokemon GO Solstice in full swing and Niantic's Pokemon GO birthday soon approaching, we'll likely see more bonuses and codes sooner than later! Keep an eye on our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal for more information. And memes – so many Pokemon GO memes to post.