Pokemon GO News: New Pokestops Added, and we need more!

There's a pattern for the adding of Pokestops and Pokemon Gym locations in Pokemon GO – and it's just changed! Reports from users on The Silph Road and the main Pokemon GO Reddit suggest that the latest changes in Portal have begun to take effect. While Pokemon GO locations were previously only changing on each Tuesday of the week, they're coming now all the time! And we want a whole lot more!

As of this month, Open Portal Recon has begun to take effect. All Ingress players level 12 and up are now able to push proposed changes to their digital universe – one which the Pokemon GO universe shares. Ingress players are able to effectively add locations in the Ingress platform, and that platform is the Augmented Reality in which Pokemon GO exists.

As such, thousands of new Pokemon GO Gym locations and PokeStops are coming soon and have already begun to appear over the past couple of weeks. For players that live in suburban or deep country locations, this is a BIG DEAL.

If you or someone you know lives in an area where PokeStops are scarce, let us know! Or better yet, let this article act as a beacon to let Niantic know! Use hashtag #MorePokestopsPlz to lead the charge! Also remember that hashtags CAN take a few minutes to appear, so keep that in mind if you're watching the feed on Twitter or elsewhere.

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In other Pokemon GO news: this weekend the first big Pokemon GO anniversary event will take place both in Chicago and across the entire planet. This anniversary event will include Raid Battles with mega-powerful Raid Boss Pokemon both on-site and around the world – given a small set of prerequisites are fulfilled. Much in the same way that Pokemon games played on Nintendo's gaming handsets (3DS, etc), these challenges will include a whole lot of Pokemon catching – in other words, Gotta Catch Em All!

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