Pokemon GO Map Trackers working in 2021 for the big hunt

The Pokemon GO World Map, PokeVision, and The Silph Road remain the top names in Pokemon GO monster tracking in maps here in 2021. Today we're going to take a peek at the working Pokemon GO maps and trackers out today, which work, and what they track. This goes beyond tracking the locations of Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. There are still ways to track Pokemon in the year 2021 – they just aren't the same as they once were.

PoGO Map Tracker

You'll find updates to PogoMap now, connected to your social network, ready to roll with PokeStops, Gyms, and Rocket Invasion action. This system has a "spin distance display" as well as connectivity with Discord bots. You'll also have the ability to switch to Wizards Unite if you're all about that Harry Potter.

PokeHunter tracker

The PokeHunter website still seems to have access to localized Pokemon spotting – but it's largely dependent on participants. This map system works in select cities in California, Minnesota, and Oregon. You'll want to check your chosen city and hit refresh every once in a while. If nothing changes, chances are your city isn't updated – and needs to be removed from the list!

A2 Pokemon GO Map

If you're looking for a Pokemon GO map in Ann Arbor specifically, head over to the A2 Pokemon GO Map. The PokeMap (or GO Map) system is still available, but it's so jam-packed with advertisements that it's basically not worth using.

The Silph Road maps

The absolute best place for Pokemon tracking and Pokemon GO support from the Pokemon GO community at large, head over to The Silph Road and seek the map. There you'll be connected to Pokemon GO Discord communities in your area. Inside said communities, you'll quite likely be connected with people in your area that spot Pokemon all over the place – both in-person and with bots aplenty.

As is ALWAYS the case with Pokemon GO, you'll need to be as careful as possible when you head out into the world to find Pokemon. If you see a tip about the location of a Pokemon in Pokemon GO that's come from a real person, do NOT go to said location alone. Make sure you ALWAYS travel with a friend.

NOTE: When Pokemon GO was first released, we had Pokemon GO maps that could show the live location of basically any Pokemon anywhere in the world. This system no longer works at the level it once did – but it DOES still work if you know where to look.

It's extremely unlikely that you'll find a webpage with Pokemon tracking that's up-to-date and tracking in real time. It's far more likely that you'll find trackers in a Discord chat that'll give you the coordinates of each individual Pokemon as it's located. You'll use said coordinates with Google Maps to locate said Pokemon – then head out and find it in the real world!