Pokemon GO level up confirmed [UPDATE: Beyond 41!]

Today we're taking a look at the future of Pokemon GO in the form of an increased level cap! This major change to the game will push the "level 40" max to a new realm, allowing long-time masters of the game to expand their horizons and get back into heavy play of the game. Once the new level cap is in play, there'll be no automatic bumps – you've gotta PLAY to get higher.

Max level for a Pokemon trainer in Pokemon GO right this minute is level 40. To attain this level, a user will need to attain 5-million EXP. It's been suggested that, once expanded to level 50, users will need to attain a further 5-million EXP. That's... not going to be easy.

Those that've been diving deep into code leaks for the last few years might already know. The new level cap was hinted at in Pokemon GO APK teardowns in April of 2020 (as seen above). We've requested further comment from Niantic on this max level increase, and will let you know what they say when they say it!

UPDATE: To be clear, If you're trying to level up beyond level 40, you might want to save your strength until the level cap is actually increased. Right now, you still cannot go beyond 40, and any experience points you might otherwise gain are not recorded. You can't hold more water in a glass than the max capacity of said glass!

UPDATE 2: Confirmed by Matthew Slemon, Senior Project Manager for Pokemon GO at Niantic!

"Reaching level 41 and more will still require effort. Levels are supposed to show how much effort you put into the game. But it won't be as easy as grinding EP in the way you are used to. The experience will be a little different and we look forward to saying more about it later this year."

Meanwhile, if you're still fighting Team Rocket here on Monday, Tuesday, or some day in the near future, remember this! Persian is weak to Fighting types and Ghost types. If you're fighting Dugtrio, use Grass, Ice, and Water Pokemon. Nidoking is weak to Psychic, Ice, Water, and Ground.

If you're fighting Garchomp, use your Ice Pokemon – it's twice as weak as the weakest weakness! Otherwise get that Dragon or Fairy power on your side. Suicune is weak to Grass Pokemon and Electric Pokemon. Stay tuned as we learn more about the level max increase and the ways in which you can attain said goal!