Pokemon GO player hits level cap, but needed a bot to get there

With Pokemon GO developer Niantic remaining tight-lipped on a number of the game's inner workings, players have been left to postulate and discuss what could be going on behind the scenes. One of the most discussed topics seems to be Pokemon GO's level cap, with Niantic never stating outright that there's a hard cap in the game. Well, we now have an answer to that question, as one player has managed to hit the level cap and took to Reddit to share that success.

According to Reddit user _Problemz, the level cap in Pokemon GO is 40 and it takes a whopping five million experience points to get there. It takes a grand total of 20 million experience points to go from level one to 40, which is a little out of reach even for the most dedicated Pokemon GO players at the moment. In fact, _Problemz wouldn't have been able to reach level 40 without the help of a bot, which – along with 131 Lucky Eggs – helped him reach level 40 by pulling in an average of 280,000 experience points per hour.

So, what does one get for reaching the level cap? 40 each of Ultra Balls, Max Potions, Max Revives, and Razz Berries, along with four Incense, four Lucky Eggs, four Egg Incubators, and four Lure Modules. There are two interesting things to note about these rewards: first is that there's no Master Ball for reaching level 40, a reward that speculated by some players, and second is that _Problemz received four Lucky Eggs when he no longer has a use for them. Perhaps that means the level cap will be going up in the future? It's anyone's guess really, but it seems like a safe assumption.

_Problemz says that he didn't participate in gym battles as his use of a bot would have given him an unfair advantage, and now that the level cap and all of the rewards that come with it have been discovered, he says he will be asking Niantic to delete the account. While using a bot means that the achievement isn't exactly legitimate, it's nice to know what waits at level 40 nonetheless, and now the race to the legitimate world first can get underway.

SOURCE: Reddit