Pokemon GO leak spills months of updates

Intrepid detail hunters flushed out a significant amount of detail from the newest version of Pokemon GO's game files overnight last night. In these files, they discovered line after line of code with indicators for future updates for the game. While these lines of code may look like nonsense to the average person, we know that you, the SlashGear reader, are fully prepared to turn gibberish into future-telling detail!

The folks behind the first mining of this code call themselves PokeMiners. They're a new group within the Pokemon GO community The Silph Road. They've gone through the effort of pulling out each individual update to the code compared to the most recent code distributed with the Android version of the game Pokemon GO. This is an analysis of the game version 0.153.0.

Pokemon GO Routes

It's likely there'll be a new connection system in play in the near future through which Pokestops will need to be activated in certain orders. This could connect directly with Pokemon GO physical events like the one in Montreal next month. Included in this updated code section are references to RoutesCreationSettings and MaxOpenRoutes and MaxDistanceBetweenStops.

Route Checkpoints

There'll be checkpoints in the game that'll be connected with the routes system above. This bit of the game is referenced with codes like MaxTotalCheckpointAmount, CheckpointRecommendation DistanceBetweenPois, AllowCheckpointPerRouteDistance. This same section contained tags like MaxNameLength and MaxDescriptionLength, suggesting there'll be an element of user input for creation of the routes, the checkpoints, or just the personalized naming therein.

Generation 5: Unova Region Pokemon

The fifth generation of Pokemon will be released to Pokemon GO in the near future. The first wave will hit at the tail end of the next big event that'll start in September. That is the Ultra Bonus Week (see our rundown), and the Unova unveiling week starts on September 16, 2019.

The code tag TEM_GEN5_EVOLUTION_STONE was found – that's a new Unova Stone for evolving certain rare Pokemon from Unova. There's a badge for this generation of Pokemon, BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN5, as there've been for previous generations.

Unova Pokemon in the code range from V0494_POKEMON_VICTINI all the way to V0649_POKEMON_GENESECT. These Pokemon are joined by different FORMS of Pokemon, including forms like ASCULIN_RED_STRIPED and BASCULIN_BLUE_STRIPED. There'll be SAWSBUCK_SPRING as well as summer, autumn, and winter. KYUREM_NORMAL will be in the game along with BLACK or WHITE forms.

More Shadow Pokemon

It became clear that the Team Rocket system in Pokemon GO will continue on into the near future. This was indicated by a new PINSIR_SHADOW and PINSIR_PURIFIED.

Buddy Levels

Tags for EnableBuddyV2 suggest that new Buddy Pokemon interactivity is in the mix. Buddy Level is referenced (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) as well as FEED, SNACK, and ShowHearts. Buddy-related tags suggest that "BuddyStats" may play a role in future "points" needed to complete tasks.

Buddy Pokemon Cameo

Buddy Cameo is an element that'll likely enable the user to feed candy to their Buddy Pokemon. This will likely look like a normal attempt to catch a Pokemon or appearance of a Pokemon at a Gym – only straight from the user's shoulder or side to the front, where they'll be able to toss berries, rather than Pokeballs. Buddy Traits are also mentioned, along with "UnlockedTraits."

This system may be more random than purposeful – not the sort of "do this once per day" system you might expect. Code BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent suggests this will be more of a "you might get lucky" sort of situation.

Snack Bucket

This bit COULD be about the Buddy Pokemon, or it could be something completely separate. Included in the latest code are get_SnackBucket, set_SnackBucket, and nearby BerriesFedToday.

Trade Pokemon to evolve

In other Pokemon game series, some Pokemon need to be traded in order to gain certain abilities or evolve. In Pokemon GO, today we've seen the first references to this system with EvolvePromptWithTradeHint. Also spotted was the tag get_NoCandyCostViaTrade, and ShowTradeEvolutionHints.

Maps and More

Different sorts of maps appear to be popping up in the future. ImmersiveModeConfig and CityViewModeConfig appear in the game's code, along with WhenMapModeChanges. EventMapObjectProto suggests there'll be new items on the map dependent on in-game events. This would assist with systems like we saw with the first Team Rocket attack – with the big R above a Pokestop.

UPDATE: This is just part of the whole exploration of the game files released this week. Stick around as we update this article and expand on certain important elements in their own individual posts in the main feed!