All 17+ Shiny Pokemon GO releases for Ultra Bonus Week

Today we're looking at all the Ultra Bonus Week Shiny Pokemon we can expect in Pokemon GO over the next month. We're also looking at all the bonuses, odd raid battles, and new Pokemon Egg hatches we can expect through the next month. We're talking really strange hatches, here, like regional exclusive hatches, like Farfetch'd and Kangaskhan.

Ultra Bonus Week 1: Johto Journey details

From September 2, 2019 until September 9, both starting and ending at 1PM Pacific Time, we'll get Ultra Bonus Week 1: Johto Journey. This event will include the ability to hatch the mysterious eyeball symbol weirdo Pokemon family known as Unown from Pokemon eggs. You'll need to find as many 10 km Eggs as you can – as if it were possible to seek a certain sort of egg – and hatch them like wild.

These eggs will potentially include Unown letters U, L, T, R, and A. Bonuses for this week include 2x effective (half the walking distance) effectiveness – so you'll be getting a hatch ever 5k for these Unown! In fact 2x Incubator effectiveness will run through the entire 3-week period – so Pokemon Egg walking will be on point! Raids for this first week will include Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and other Johto Pokemon.

New Shiny Pokemon for week 1 include Sentret (and its evolution Furret) and Gligar (and its evolved form Gliscor). It's expected that only the base Pokemon will be able to be found in the wild, while the evolved forms (red/pinkish Furret, light blue Gliscor) will need to be evolved from their shiny predecessors.

Ultra Bonus Week 2: Global Challenge, Global Hatches

Week 2 begins September 9 and ends September 16, 2019. Some (all?) 7km Pokemon Eggs found this week will hatch into Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros – regardless of what region you live in the real world. Raids will include all Deoxys forms, and some of the best counters (beefy Pokemon) will appear in other raids.

New Shiny Pokemon include all four regional exclusive Pokemon – Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros. So don't be shocked to find these otherwise-exclusive Pokemon appearing in the wild. Every time you see one, catch it!

Ultra Bonus Week 3: A Unova Unveiling

This last week starts September 16 and ends September 23, 1PM Pacific Standard Time. This week users will find a unique Mewtwo appearing in raid battles. This Unique Mewtwo will appear with the move Psystrike – a move that Mewtwo otherwise never has equipped. If you beat Mewtwo in a raid battle, there's a (new) chance it'll appear Shiny! That's a Mewtwo with a unique, exclusive move that's also green instead of purple.

This week will also feature Shiny Patrat (and its evolved version Watchog), Shiny Lillipup (and Herdier and Soutland), and Shiny Klink (and Klang, and Kinklang)! This week also signals the first week in which the next generation of Pokemon are made available in the game. Unova Region Pokemon will begin appearing in Pokemon Go on September 16, 2019!

UPDATE: We're now learning of more potential opportunities for Shiny iterations of Pokemon to appear in other non-Ultra Bonus Week events during the same three weeks next month. This is madness!