Pokemon Go launches in Hong Kong and France

Two more countries gained the ability to download the Pokemon Go app and go into the real world to hunt little cartoon creatures over the weekend. The two new serviced countries include France and Hong Kong. The last country that the game app launched in was Japan back on the 21 of July. The worldwide rollout for the game continues as support for new countries likely coming in the future.

It's probably a good thing for Nintendo at this point that Pokemon Go is launching in other countries quickly; data recently suggested that the game had hit peak popularity in the US. This comes after only a couple weeks of availability. The data on the peak comes from SurveyMonkey poll of users and that survey found that use started to decline on July 18.

Declining or not, Pokemon Go is a hit and set an App Store record of the most downloads in a single week. People have spent significant time playing the game with 7Park Data showing gamers spend an average of 75 minutes per day in the app during the first week the game launched. This compares to data from the same firm showing users spending nine minutes on Snapchat, 19 minutes on YouTube, and 35 minutes on Facebook.

Estimates were that Pokemon Go was downloaded about 30 million times on iOS and Android and continues to grow. Sensor Tower estimates that Pokemon Go was the first mobile game to reach 10 million app downloads. The truly impressive thing about these early download records is that the game was only in the US, Australia, and New Zealand early on. Pokemon Go launched in Japan on July 21. With the addition of France and Hong Kong, supported countries are now at 38.

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