Pokemon GO Kalos region launch list confirmed

Today Niantic revealed a whole bunch of information about the future of Pokemon GO all at once. We're going through the lists to make certain we've got all the important bits and pieces sorted out so you can make sense of the near-future update series in the game. The worldwide launch of Kalos region Pokemon starts on December 2, 2020. Here comes the Mega Evolution!

Starting on December 2, 2020, we'll begin to see a list of new Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Niantic's been clear that we'll see Kalos region Pokemon roll out in waves, much like previous regions, starting with a big bump of more than 16 Pokemon, all at once!

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• Chespin

• Quilladin

• Chesnaught

• Fennekin

• Braixen

• Delphox

• Froakie

• Frogadier

• Greninja

• Bunnelby

• Diggersby

• Fletchling

• Fletchinder

• Talonflame

• Litleo

• Pyroar

And exclusive to France: Klefki! We'll eventually see Klefki available outside of France, by way of release at special events or by trading – but for now, it's exclusive! Klefki has no known evolutions at this time – so that's where it ends!

It's possible but slightly unlikely that we'll see these Pokemon launch with Shiny Pokemon iterations from the start. Instead, we've got Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Lileo popping up in the wild and by hatching Eggs starting on December 2, 2020.

Each evolution of the Pokemon listed in the paragraph above will be available in the game, too. You'll need to evolve the lesser Pokemon first, OR – if you're lucky – you MAY find them in the wild. There'll be a week-long event starting on December 2, ending on December 8, where these Kalos region Pokemon will be available "more often in the wild" than they'd be otherwise – there'll be a bunch!

Niantic also suggests that they've discovered "a mysterious Pokemon preparing to hatch from a one-star Raid Egg soon. It's possible this means we'll get another Kalos region Pokemon not shown on the list above – we'll see!