Pokemon GO iOSEmus and other Pokevision alternatives

Developers have created another batch of Pokemon GO maps and scanners to locate Pokemon in the wild on a grand scale. SlashGear does not condone the use of these or other programs which may go against Niantic's Terms of Service for Pokemon GO – we seek only to inform the public of their existence. This software is actively being used – a lot – and those Pokemon GO users that are spending massive amounts of time (and sometimes money) on the game deserve to be aware of what their friends (and adversaries) are making use of around them.

1. IOSEmus

Users that want to risk getting into downloading and loading 3rd-party apps onto their iPhone will find that IOSEmus – therein is a "tweaked" Pokemon GO app with basically every hack and map scanner feature that's thus far been released on other platforms. Also it would appear that walking around without spoofing one's own GPS signal is also somehow possible. Crazy!

1. PoGOm - Pokemon Locations

Several of the best Pokemon GO maps and scanners are available to users with more than a passing knowledge of software code. One of these is "PoGOm". This system requires that the user download a bunch of files, keep them all in the same directory, and make sure they've got a Google Maps API Key.

A Google Maps API key can be accessed by Google developers through the Google Developers Google Maps page for starters. This page – near the bottom – contains links to several API portals.

Users can access PoGOm through GitHub. Also see PokiiMap for an Android APK that does basically the same thing as PoGOm and PokeVision.

2. PokeNest - Pokemon Nests

PokeNest is a static – but updated – mapping app webpage dedicated to locating "nests" of Pokemon. A Pokemon nest is an area where an abnormal amount of a certain type of Pokemon are known to appear.

This PokeNest webpage is generated by one person – Anj – and isn't necessarily going to be updated regularly – also it's limited mostly to the Toronto, Canada area. If you live in Indiana, check out this Indiana Map.

For everyone else, have a peek at Pokemon GO Trading for a Wiki list of known nests for all manner of Pokemon.

3. PokeREV, etc - Gyms and PokeStops

A number of maps and trackers are currently out of order for finding the current location of Pokemon – but remain active for locating Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. ALSO TAP: More Pokemon GO Pokevision alternatives One of these inactive/active maps is PokeREV (a webpage with map).

PokeGoWorld is a map that's not based on Niantic's API. It's also not based on any information coming directly from the game. Instead it's a crowdsourced setup, allowing spotting of Pokemon, Gyms, and PokeStops to occur.

The only problem with PokeGoWorld is the relatively short time each individual Pokemon sticks around a single map location.

In other words – PokeGoWorld is a system Niantic probably loves. It's not breaking their terms of service, yet manages to guide users to areas where Pokemon MIGHT end up showing up.

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