Pokemon GO HOME transfer to Sword and Shield activated, with bonus

Today the folks at the Pokemon Company revealed a major update to Pokemon GO, Pokemon Home, and both Pokemon Sword and Shield. This latest upgrade makes the long-awaited connection between the games a reality, allowing the transfer of Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home, then from Pokemon Home to Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first time you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME, you'll get a free monstrous Pokemon for use in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The first time a user transfers a Pokemon from Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME, a free Melmetal will appear. This Melmetal has the ability to Gigantamax (as it very well should), in the latest "Mystery Gift" promotion from the company.

UPDATE: As an "additional benefit," users that send a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME will get a Mystery Box in Pokemon GO. This is not the first time the "Mystery Box" has appeared in Pokemon GO – if you've seen this box in the recent past, you may need to wait "a certain length of time" before you're able to "use it again."

When the user opens the Mystery Box in Pokemon GO, the Mythical Pokemon Meltan will appear on the map "for a limited time." You'll need to catch this Pokemon as quick as possible!

UPDATE 2: Pokemon HOME Mystery Gifts "are only available on the mobile device version of Pokemom HOME, and the ability to connect to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is available only on the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon HOME." That basically means you'll need the mobile app version for your Android/iOS device AND the version of the app on Nintendo Switch to get this Melmetal on your Pokemon Sword or Shield game (on Nintendo Switch).

If you bring this Melmetal into Pokemon Sword or Shield you'll be able to use it, and Gigantamax it in Raid Battles, but you will not be able to use "the Max Soup" from the expansion The Isle of Armor... on it.

If you have an Android device, you'll want to grab the Pokemon HOME for Android app on Google Play. The Pokemom HOME for iOS app in the Apple App Store.