Pokemon GO Halloween has a new star: So says Reddit

The Shiny Pokemon that's arrived during Pokemon GO's Halloween event 2017 is the new most sought-after monster in the game. With a capture ratio of around 0.3%, users are having one heck of a time capturing this new Shiny Pokemon – but it's out there! It doesn't matter what part of the world you're in, nor does it matter whether you've got a Pokemon GO Plus – it's out there!

This is the Shiny Sableye, and it's part of a new survey submitted just hours ago to Reddit's Silph Road. In this survey, just a few hours and three HUNDRED replies later, the ratios were in. Without a Pokemon GO Plus, there seems to be right around 0.3% chance to find this super rare Shiny Pokemon. With a Pokemon GO Plus, percentage chance changes only an insignificant amount – making the chances the same, right at 0.3%.

In short – there's not a very good chance of finding this little fellow out there right now. Given the amount of times we've seen people find other Shinys since their release, however, it may be that this Shiny is as common as he or she is going to get. Now's the time to go for it!

To find a Shiny Sableye, one must simply crack as many 10m eggs as possible and tap all Sableye within walking distance. This Shiny Pokemon can appear in any form a normal Sableye might – both in the wild and in Pokemon eggs. There's no super secret trick to finding this monster – yet.

For more information on this tiny Pokemon and the rest of this Halloween event, head back to our feature: Pokemon GO Halloween – new details decoded! We're currently having a chat about the whole thing over at PoGo Central on Facebook as well! Watch for Gen 3 babies coming up soon as well – hatch those eggs right this minute!