Pokemon GO Gen 2: getting Baby Togepi, Pichu ASAP

Pokemon GO has a set of new eggs to hatch with Gen 2's arrival, and it begins with just 2... or is it 7? As eggs have begun hatching after the update took place (server side), new Pokemon have started to appear. As luck – or a misplacement of assets – would have it, we've got the full (albeit brief) list of new Pokemon appearing in the game as of now. It's more than just Togepi – it's more than just Pichu.

A new collection of Pokemon have appeared in Pokemon GO, and they all come from eggs. The only two revealed by Niantic thus far have been Pichu and Togepi. These evolve into Pikachu and Togetic, respectively. Strange, isn't it, that Pikachu would be released before his pre-evolved form? But such is as it is with the games – and as it always has been.

Included in this update are 7 new Pokemon that hatch from eggs. These new Pokemon are Magby, Elekid, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pichu, Smoochum, and Togepi. These evolve to be Magmar, Electabuzz, Clefairy, Jiggypuff, Pikachu, Jinx, and Togetic. And yes, Togepi can indeed evolve into Togetic today, potentially – a person would just have to use Togepi as a Buddy Pokemon and walk really, really far to obtain a total of 50 candy.

• 172 Pichu — 5km egg — evolve 25 candy• 173 Cleffa — 2 km egg — evolve 25 candy• 174 Igglybuff — 2km egg — evolve 25 candy• 175 Togepi — 5km egg — evolve 50 candy• 238 Smoochum — 10km egg — evolve 25 candy• 239 Elekid — 10km egg — evolve 25 candy• 240 Magby — 10km egg — evolve 25 candy

The above chart is entirely accurate, tested, proven, and officially real. SEE ALSO: Full Gen 2 release details (predicted and updated) This chart/list is live in Pokemon GO as of the publishing of the article in which it resides. Trust it and live by it.

To attain these baby Pokemon, users must walk, walk, and walk some more. They all hatch from Pokemon eggs, and do not come from any other source – yet. To find eggs, spin Pokestops. To make eggs hatch, users will put them in incubators by opening up their Pokemon list and swiping the screen to the left.

It would appear that these Pokemon babies are already in eggs that users have and attained previous to today. That's strange, but true. One would assume that only new eggs would have these new Pokemon, but they're out there immediately, all over the place.

The only baby missing from this equation is number 236, Tyrogue. This baby Pokemon is in the game files for Pokemon GO right this minute, but this Pokemon is not yet active. The same is true of both Espeon and Umbreon – though they aren't babies, they'll be evolving from Eevee.

The rest of Gen 2 has now appeared in the game Master File, which essentially means they could potentially be turned on at any time. Niantic will likely milk this situation as well as possible, releasing one or a few Gen 2 Pokemon at a time until they're all out.

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