Pokemon GO Friend Codes for party raids prep, Halloween style

Near the tail end of 2021, you might be looking for Pokemon GO Friend Codes on your journey toward Mega Raid Party dominance. If you've been away from the game for a while, or just have a hankering to re-up on knowledge of the most updated keys for success in Pokemon GO, now's the time to act! Pokemon GO's Genesect awaits, and Zarude alone cannot save you!

Trainer codes and how to share

The most recent round of updates to Pokemon GO place Trainer Codes in an easy-to-access location. Tap your user icon in the lower left-hand corner, tap "FRIENDS" in the upper right-hand corner, then tap ADD FRIEND. You should see a screen something like what you see above (at the head of this article.)

This is the code you'll need to share and/or trade with new Pokemon GO players to expand your list of Friends in the game. We'd currently recommend you avoid the Facebook section of this connect screen since Facebook just cannot stop being awful.

The best gifting

Once you have a list of Friends in Pokemon GO, you'll want to start sending gifts. You get gifts from spinning Pokestops and Pokemon Gym locations, and each gift contains a semi-random assortment of items that only the person opening the gift can see. You can only open gifts that you've recieved from a friend – you cannot open the gifts you attain from Pokestops.

To make the most of your gifting experience, tap the sorting button in the lower right-hand corner of your Friends list. There, sort your list by "ONLINE" first. Make sure the people you see there that are actively playing the game have gotten a gift from you – or, better yet, give them a gift while they're signed on.

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If you send a gift to a trainer while they're actively ONLINE in Pokemon GO, they get an in-game notification about said gift. This can significantly increase the chances that your gift is opened and a gift is sent back to you in return.

Once you start giving and getting gifts, your Friendship Level increases. Your Friends list can be sorted by Friendship Level, too. Make sure your top friends have gotten gifts from you as often as possible – the benefits of having better friends are worth the effort!

Invite New People

The "Invite to Pokemon GO" section of the Friends list is made to get new and returning players to play the game. This section is not used to connect with players that are already actively playing the game. The rewards for getting a player to join Pokemon GO (or return to Pokemon GO after an extended absence) are immense! If you know someone who's thinking about joining Pokemon GO for the first time, make sure they use your code – again, it's worth the effort!

Now is as good a time as any to get friends on your team in Pokemon GO, as we're driving in to the best month of the Pokemon GO year! October contains the spookiest Pokemon spawns and bonuses of the year not least of all because it contains the most outdoor weather walking-friendly holiday of the lot: Pokemon GO Halloween!