Pokemon GO everyday bonus update APK hits downloads

The latest in Pokemon GO updates was released today just in time for Niantic to encourage you to "Pokemon Go to the polls" here across these United States of America. Of course Niantic isn't just celebrating this day with some everyday bonuses, they're pushing for users to actually go out and vote, too. You won't find any reminders to vote in this latest edition of the app, but there are bonuses to be had for getting out and getting walking, catching, and spinning.

The latest Pokemon GO update include implementation of what Niantic calls "Daily Bonuses." This set of bonuses encourages users to get out and play the game each and every day. Bonuses appear when a user has captured their first Pokemon of the day, and when a user spins their first PokeStop of the day.

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In addition to daily bonuses, Niantic has added an extra bit of bonus on the 7th day of playing. Extra XP and Stardust will be granted at the first catch of the day, then on the 7th day, an added bit of XP and Stardust will be granted. PokeStops will give extra items and XP, and on the 7th, an extra bonus bit of both will be showered down in bubbles.

NOTE: The image above comes from DeviantArt, where user Wazzy88 presented this Pokeball treatment. It comes from a photo captured by LuckyStock of a glass orb, modified with magic, clearly. SlashGear's edits include a bit of a crop and the addition of the sticker.

To "celebrate this feature", Niantic has begun a 4-day cycle of PokeMania. More Pokemon will be found out in the wild – the spawn rate has gone up. More items will be granted at PokeStops, too – all sorts of PokeBalls for those intrepid trainers headed to the polls throughout the day today – and celebrating the vote for several days thereafter.

Here at Niantic we are passionate about exploration and discovery of our local communities. If we get out and explore the places where we live, and maybe meet some of our friends and neighbors along the way, we think that can only be a good thing for the world. A big part of making our communities work here in the US is the democratic process that allows us to select our leaders and influence the laws. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote and make your voice heard.

Every journey starts with a single step, and a path to a better world and a lifetime of making a difference can start with a single vote.

Above you'll see a message from Niantic CEO John Hanke about how important it is to get out and vote today in the USA. Have a peek, and let us know if you plan on capturing any monsters at the polls this afternoon. You can download the latest version of Pokemon GO from the Google Play app store or, if you don't see the latest update, head to APK Mirror and download at your own risk!