Pokemon GO code leak: New Galar Forms, moves, stats

On Monday, Pokemon GO went down mainly for maintenance but also returned with a big set of updates. In the code for the game, users will find new Shadow forms, a new Box in the store, and new information about Galar Region Pokemon. This is a strange update – with unique features for each individual Galar Region evolution for new Pokemon. Also note: While we don't yet see Galarian Shiny Pokemon in the live game, doesn't mean they're not there – we saw them last week!

There's a new bundle (box) in the game for the Pokemon GO in-game store. According to Pokeminers on The Silph Road on Reddit, this box appears to be in place to replace the old remote pass box. There's a purchase limit of 1, with titles "gym bonus" and "item remote raid ticket name."

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While no Generation 8 Pokemon have had stats or moves added yet, a collection of changes made to the game's code shows how it'll all go down. Evolution costs of the Galar Pokemon that've appeared so far seem to be the same as their non-Galar iterations.

In the mix this week are Galarian Meowth, Galarian Farfetch'd, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone, Galarian Darumaka, Galarian Darmanitan Standard, Galarian Garmanitan Zen, and Galarian Stunfisk.

Galarian Meowth has base Stamina, Attack, and Defense as follows: 137, 115, and 92. This Meowth has either Scratch or Metal Claw for a Quick Move, and either Night Slash, Gyro Ball, or Dig for a charged move. The Galarian Farfetch'd has stats 141, 174, 114, and quick moves Rock Smash or Fury Cutter. Charged move possibilities are Brick Break, Brave Bird, and Leaf Blade.

Galarian Zigzagoon rolls with base stats 116, 58, and 80. Quick moves are Tackle and Take Down, charged moves are Dig, Body Slam, and Swift. Galarian Lioone has base stats 186, 142, and 128, with quick move possibilities Snarl and Lick. Charged move possibilities for Galarian Lioone are Dig, Body Slam, and Gunk Shot!

Galarian Darumaka has stats 172, 153, and 86, with quick moves Tackle or Ice Fang. Charged moves for Galarian Darumaka are Ice Punch or Ice Beam.

Galarian Darmanitan Standard and Zen have the same potential moves – we must assume that'll be changing before launch. For now, they both have Tackle and Ice Fang for quick moves and potential Overhead, Avalanche, Super Power, and Ice Punch for charged moves. Galarian Darmanitan Standard has base stats 233, 263, 114, while Zen has 233, 323, and 123.

Galarian Stunfisk has base stats 240, 144, and 171, with quick moves Mud Shot or Metal Claw. Charged moves for Stunfisk can be Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Muddy Water, or Rock Slide.

Cross your fingers we'll see this whole lot of Pokemon appear in the game soon. I need that Galarian Farfetch'd with the massive leek!