This Pokemon GO device has a secret auto-play upgrade

Today Nintendo revealed a super secret feature already embedded within an accessory for Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let's GO! The Poke Ball Plus is a piece of plastic with lights, a button, and a tiny computer in its belly that does things when its button is pressed. The secret mode makes it so the user doesn't have to press the button in order to gain the bonus that'd come otherwise only if said button was pressed.

Users will find that the Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Pokemon Let's GO Eevee game will unlock the magic – only. The user will need to have one of the Pokemon Let's GO games, and a Nintendo Switch, and the Poke Ball Plus. If the user transfers a Pokemon from the Nintendo Switch game into their Poke Ball Plus, the magic is unleashed.

Once the Pokemon is inside the Pokeball – or Poke Ball Plus, however you wish to write it – the user will gain a bonus in Pokemon GO, the mobile game. With the games connected, the user will find bonuses flying all over the place through the course of the games' evolution – through the future. But for now, the bonus is centered on the Poke Ball Plus.

Once a Pokemon is transferred to the Poke Ball Plus from the Nintendo Switch game, the button no longer needs to be pressed. Before any Pokemon is transferred, the user needs to press the button once they get near a Pokestop in the real world. These Pokestops contain Pokeballs and Candy and whatnot – and would otherwise be activated by spinning with a finger swipe on a smartphone. These Pokestops work with the Poke Ball Plus and make said Pokeball vibrate when you get near – pressing the button is just like a swipe spin in the smartphone-based game.

In essence, Nintendo just activated an automatic Pokestop spinner in a Poke Ball Plus accessory. If this sounds familiar, it's because hackers made a device called Go-tcha for Pokemon GO back in early 2017 that did the same thing. That, and the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is nearly the same, but not quite!