PlayStation Vue now lets you watch multiple channels at once on PS4

PlayStation Vue is getting a nifty new feature today in the form of multi-view. As you could probably already tell from the name, multi-view allows you to watch multiple channels simultaneously and side-by-side, which ensures that you either miss nothing or everything as you try to keep up with it all. The feature is rolling out today for PlayStation Vue on the PS4.

To get started with multi-view, all you need to do hold the X button on your controller on a live program from the Guide or Live TV row of the home screen. That will bring up the menu screen for multi-view, which will allow you to choose one or two extra channels from the selection of live broadcasts. The left panel, which also happens to be the largest, will be the one playing audio when multi-view is active.

If you want to swap positions between the panels, you'll need to press the Square button. From there, simply select the panel on the right that you want to hear audio from, highlight it and press Square again to make it the main panel.

Judging from the post on the PlayStation Blog, it's clear that Sony wanted to have this feature available by the time March Madness kicks off on March 12. While closely following the action from multiple basketball games will be difficult, it will at least make it easier to keep tabs on up the three different ones without needing to change channels frequently.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it's only available on PS4 for the moment, which means those of you watching on something like a Roku box or a mobile device are being left out in the cold. Sony hasn't said if this kind of functionality will make its way to other PlayStation Vue platforms, but even if it does, we probably can't expect it in time for March Madness.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog