PlayStation Vita not getting price drop in the US

Earlier this week, Sony announced that it would be dropping the price of its PlayStation Vita from 24,980 yen to 19,980 yen in Japan only starting February 28, hinting that a similar price drop may come to the US. However, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida says that a price drop for the PS Vita in the US isn't coming.

Yoshida says that it's all just a matter of economics, and the current exchange rate is the reason why Sony cut the price in Japan, exclusively. The exchange rate has been an issue for Sony, and it has also plagued Nintendo financially in the past. However, it's still possible (and extremely likely) that Sony will eventually drop the price after the Vita has been on the market for a while.

This news comes after Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 yesterday during a two-hour-long event in New York City, where the company unveiled the new DualShock 4 controller and showed off some new games from partner developers. However, Sony failed to show us the actual console, which Yoshida defends by saying that the company is leaving more unveilings for later on in the year.

Sony is focusing on many new key elements in the PlayStation 4 user interface, and integration is a big one. Sony will be pairing up the Vita and the PlayStation 4 in a big way, and gamers will be able to use the Vita to control some of the features on the PlayStation 4 console, which is great news for gamers who plan to own both devices.

[via Joystiq]