PlayStation Mobile teams with HTC for mobile gaming greatness

This week Sony is bringing some gaming heat with no less than an announcement of attack on the mobile landscape, starting with the HTC One X. This announcement has Sony changing the name of their PlayStation Suite to PlayStation Mobile and making it clear that not only will HTC be their first third-party hardware partner, they'll be working with other Android and Windows Phone groups as well.

You've already seen the PlayStation Suite in different forms for months, with roots in the mobile world going back years in some cases. Have a peek a recent story of ours on the release of a Sony PlayStation Suite SDK open beta and see that not only were the two Sony tablets involved in this program thus far, the PS Vita has been as well. Now it's time for prime time.

This program will have both the HTC One X (primarily) and the HTC One S being touted as fabulous places to play mobile-aimed PlayStation Certified games. We've seen such a program as well in the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY as it also worked with certified PlayStation physical controls. With HTC in the game, it's time to move beyond the realm of Sony devices and controls and straight on through to the touchscreens of all Androids – some day!

PlayStation Mobile will have a store full of PlayStation Certified games ready for the picking and downloading on Sony-partnered devices across the Android landscape. This program will compete with the NVIDIA TegraZone as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon GameCommand environments with the power of the PlayStation to back it up.

You can jump in on all the developer action over at's PlayStation Mobile Site. This will be your one-stop shop for everything a developer might need to move forward with their application on Sony-partnered devices. PlayStation Mobile branding here you come!

[via PlayStation Blog]