PlayStation 4 Yakuza Restoration release tips customizable HDD cover

Chris Burns - Feb 17, 2014
PlayStation 4 Yakuza Restoration release tips customizable HDD cover

The first two limited edition PlayStation 4 units have been revealed this week, the first being one uniquely branded for Metal Gear Solid 4. The other isn’t so much a package as it is a golden HDD cover for the machine, sold entirely separately.

Yakuza Restoration – aka Yakuza 5 – will be running at 60fps and 1080p and will be rolling with features unique to the PlayStation 4. This release will have map control with the DualShock 4’s touchpad as well as light bar flashes when you’re taking damage. This game will work with “automatic installation” as well as Remote Play.

It’s not known how this game will be bundled with the full release of Yakuza Restoration, but it’s likely this special edition hood will only be coming to Japan.

What’s perhaps most unique about this game with the PlayStation 4 is the fact that you’re working with a comment system that directly influences how you play. The more comments you get from this game’s built-in social network, the quicker you’re able to recover when you’re down, and the quicker your parameters fill up as well. This is according to SiliconEra quoting Dengeki PlayStation magazine.

According to Sega speaking with Complex on the matter, the game “Yakuza 5” will not be released outside Japan. This is true for both the PS version of the game and the PlayStation 4 release. This should make clear the release level of the PlayStation 4 HDD cover shown here. It’s also suggested that this game will be released to PlayStation 3 – but again, only in Japan.

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