PlayStation 4 software update 2.0 arrives October 28

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of game console updates and pre-update details, with the Xbox One October update having started rolling out on October 15, and PlayStation having followed closely behind it with details about its own users can expect in the 2.0 update. While Sony did detail the goods last week, in terms of features and improvements, it didn't say when PlayStation 4 users could expect to see the update, which makes it hard to be anticipatory.

That changed yesterday, with Sony finally announcing when the PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 update will be arriving: on October 28. Codenamed Masamune, the software update is promised to bring a plethora of features: a USB music player for playing files from an external drive and background customization being two notable ones.

Users will be able to change the background colors and select themes, satisfying a lot of requests and keeping the console relatively toe-to-toe with the Xbox One, which will be receiving similar functionality next month. There's uploading content to YouTube inbound with the new update, too.

Users will be seeing changes to the Library Area with new sorting features and filter improvements; the What's New section will begin dishing up friend suggestions; a new design will be coming to Content Area, and adding free PS Plus games to one's library will be quicker with a new "Add to Library" button.