PlayStation 4 release tipped by Sony event invite

This week the event known as Destination PlayStation (2013) has been confirmed in an invitation to the press (and retail executives, of course) with promise of more 2013 action than the game-loving public can handle. This event is set to show off games, primarily, but attendees will also be "treated to food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013." An announcement of the next-generation PlayStation gaming console would fit with the scheduling of a release to the public in 2014 given past release trends from Sony.

This event will be taking place starting on the 25th of February and will last until February the 28th, and you can make a bet that all the most important points will be covered by SlashGear in full. While it's only a guess at this point that Sony will bring the real fire, we've had more than a few tips and rumors surrounding at least an acknowledgement that they're working on the console of the future.

The PlayStation 4 will take on the Xbox 360 or whatever has replaced it by the time it's out, the name "Xbox 720" being tossed about over the past few months as the most likely title. Next-generation connections will be with Sony's ever-growing network of devices and software including Android smartphones and Smart TV. As it stands now, the PlayStation 2 has only just stopped being produced in Japan, so you can either take this as a tip that the next version is coming or that Sony has finally concentrated its full efforts on the PlayStation 3.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see all recent mentions of the PlayStation's evolution toward the future – and let us know what you think the next-generation console will be all about. And remember to join us near the end of February to see if Sony is ready to take on the future or if they're doubling-down on the present with games galore for the 3.